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Order your filters just one time or set up automated deliveries that can be updated or canceled anytime, at your convenience, with just the click of a button. With Filter Wiz you can get affordable filters even when just buying 1 air filter just 1 time. You no longer have to store multiple filters or set up subscriptions you don't want in order to get a good price. When you choose us, you're also supporting a small business from Cincinnati, OH!

most common filter sizes

1" Filters

One inch filters are the most common air filters your will find in residential homes. They are the most affordable, but will also need changed out most frequently.


4" Filters

Four inch filters last approximately 3-5 times longer than one inch air filters. If you suffer from allergies or have pets in the home, a 4 inch filter may be the right choice for you.


5" Filters

Five inch filters are the thickest and most powerful furnace filter and clean even the smallest particles. Most residential HVAC systems can support a 5 inch air filter.


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