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About Us


Filter Wiz is owned and operated by long-time HVAC contractor, Ryan Osterkamp from Cincinnati, Ohio and his partner, Elizabeth Kuerth, who has worked in the heating and cooling industry since 2011. That means we work with filters every day and we know our stuff! We're just a small company trying to make convenient filter delivery more available after multiple requests from our customers for easier access to furnace filters when they need them. If you ever have a question, just reach out to us! 

What makes Filter Wiz different than other filter delivery companies?

First, we have lots of experience in homes just like yours so we see what works and what doesn't for each individual need. Second, we're not one of those companies where you have no choice but to get scheduled deliveries or have to order 6 filters at a time to get a good price - we let you choose! Order one time, set up recurring deliveries or switch it up as your needs change. Finally, we are locally-owned and operated - not a large corporation or franchise.

Why are air filters so important?

One of the number one causes of HVAC breakdown is a dirty filter - we know because we always tell homeowners to check this first before scheduling any furnace repair calls. You'd be surprised how many issues just changing your air filter can solve. If left unchanged for too long, this can lead to costly repair bills that could have been avoided just by replacing the HVAC filter on a recommended timeline. We know going to the store to find your filters is a hassle and many of our customers forget when it's time to replace their filter, what their filter size is, or when it was even last replaced. That's where we come in!

Purchase your filters once or sign up for our auto-delivery and receive your filter when it's time to change it. No remembering to order or making unnecessary trips to a store. 

Our filters are made right here in the USA in Texas.

Right now we will be focusing on the most popular filter sizes and working to expand into more sizes and products soon! We know you have options on where to buy your air filters and we appreciate your support in choosing a small, female co-owned, local business for your air filter delivery!