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How Often Should I Change My Filter?

The frequency in which you change your furnace filter will vary for the needs of each unique home and the people living in it.

The standard rule of thumb for air filter change-outs is as follows:

1" air filters - change every 1-2 months

4"/5"/media filters - change every 4-6 months

There are some circumstances in which you should change your air filter more often than the above recommendations.

1. If you have pets in the home

Pets in the home lead to pet hair and dander floating in the air and, eventually, into your air ducts. 

2. A lot of occupants in the home

More people means more dirt and dust tracked in from outside the home.

3. Allergy sufferers or those with respiratory ailments

If anyone in your home struggles with allergies or other respiratory conditions like asthma, you'll want to change your filter out more often to provide the cleanest air possible.

3. Filter MERV rating

If you go with a lower MERV rating for your filter, this means your filter is less powerful and will need replaced more frequently than a higher quality filter. We recommend anything rated 6 or less be changed out twice per month.

When you order from Filter Wiz, you will see our recommended filter schedule under each filter, so there's no guessing!